About Miss Mandlovu

Food, Travel, Culture with a dose of Adventures and Misadventures along the way


Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs.

I’m sure you are here  to know a little about me and how I ended up travelling and starting a travel blog…so here we go.

I am Miss Mandlovu (aka Tsitsi). I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. My family moved to the United Kingdom just before I became a teenager, and four years later, my parents decided I should join the rest of the family as well. I spent just over a decade living in the United Kingdom before I moved to New Zealand for about four years.

I was always fascinated hearing people describe their different cultures and their experiences from their respective home towns. Bring and share events were great as people brought their favourite foods, and unlike when you went to a restaurant, people also shared stories about their experiences with that food or its place in their culture.

Since then, every time I have travelled I have always tried to eat in local restaurants or with locals to get a bit more of a sense of the culture. I love food and am always amazed at how the same core ingredients can be completely transformed by a few key herbs and spices or cooking methods. In most of my travels, I always try to do either a food tour, cooking class or visit a wet market to see the unique ingredients or fruit they have. My travel style differs quite a bit depending on where I am travelling to and the drivers behind the trip.

If the old addage ‘where the heart is, your money will go’ rings true, I guess from looking at my bank account my heart is mostly about food, education and travel (not just for myself). If did not spend as much as I do on food, travel and education, I am sure I would have an impressive array of material possessions. I have had the pleasure of visiting various countries across all 5 continents across the globe and am continually amazed by both the similarities and the differences that exist. I love the way taking part in Muay Thai training, exploring an Italian family-run vineyard or going on a village tour helped me better understand a small element of the Thai, Italian or Tanzanian culture than any video or book ever will.

I travel also as a reminder that there are so many ways of doing life and challenging some of the ideals that I have been conditioned to believe since entering the western education system. Travel opens my eyes, occasionally challenges my values but most importantly I love the way it enables me to take a step back to re-evaluate, reform and grow. 

I decided to start this blog to share some of my learnings and adventures in the different places I visit, as I go along. Travel has given me many breath taking moments, however it has also given me a few misadventures that almost saw me take my last breath as well as experiences that were very emotionally difficult to witness. This would have deterred some from this journey, but for me, the benefits still outweigh the costs. Travelling with people or alone and meeting people in different parts of the world has taught me more about myself and given me experiences I wouldn’t trade for any money in the world. It has given me more trust in humanity, as I have been alone in countries where I do not understand the local language and left with nothing but positive memories and lessons.

The places I have visited are in the ‘Destinations’ tab of the site. I write about food, money, travel adventures and misadventures. If you have any questions or would like to work with me, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I hope this blog may also be a resource to inspire, educate and entertain. I know not everyone loves food or travel as much as I do. However, I hope some of the articles and pictures on my page inspire you to either try out new experiences or take steps towards the things that you have always imagined. It takes sacrifices, but I hope the draw of the dream inspires you more than pull of comfort.

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