A country on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. The country spans over Central and South East Europe.

Capital City



Kuna (soon to be Euros)

Total population:

3.9 million (2021)

Language(s) spoken:


Cultural dos:

Croatians tend to be proud of their culture and country; thus, complaints or critiques should be presented in the form of a suggestion. Feel free to talk about politics.

Cultural don’ts

Do not refer to a Croatian as ‘Yugoslavian’. As a nation, Croatia endured many difficulties in asserting their identity as independent from surrounding countries and cultures.



Three foods you need to try in this country:

  • Crni rižot (black risotto made with cuttlefish or squid, olive oil, garlic, red wine and squid ink, which gives an intense seafood flavour and black colour)
  • Pršut i sir (ham and cheese boards various between Istria and Dalmatia)
  • Peka (a blend of vegetables and meat/seafood drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs, and then baked to perfection under a bell-like dome, or ispod čripnje)


  • Truffle (Cheaper than in Italy and stronger in flavour)
  • Rakija ( a distilled spirit made from fruit such as plum, figs or sour cherries)
  • Fritule (donut-like fried pastries with egg yolks, raisins, grated lemon or orange rinds, and even rakija or rum)

What the country is known for :

  • Filming location for Games of Thrones
  • Amazing Beaches along the Adriatic Sea (mostly pebble though, so just check)
  • Lots of wine- many wine trails on the islands of Dalmatia 
  • Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Zadar, Hvar
  • National Parks Plitvice, Krka and Mljet
  • Seafood galore (fresh and beautifully cooked)
  •  Lavendar Fields

More About Croatia

Visited Colombia in early 2022 as a friend living there for years had so many positive things to say about it. Naturally, I had to go see for myself. Also enticed by the lure of free accommodation and knowledge of someone already in the locale, Medellin – I’m there! If you do not speak any Spanish, I strongly recommend you download the google translate app. Even with that, I would say try and pick up some basic Spanish before you head to Colombia as in many places it may be challenging to find English speakers, outside the tourist and expat areas. The people of Colombia are generally very helpful and friendly, however if you go off the tourist trail it might get a little tricky if you do not speak the language. Not impossible, but if you can find a translator to take you around – I recommend that option. 

Colombia has received a lot of international press about gangs, the drug wars and different political issues. This is the reason why my mother was very anxious when she found out I would be heading there. Be aware that this stuff does happen and try listen to advice around how to avoid ending up in the wrong place, having the wrong conversations with the wrong people. To get more understanding of some of the history and things that happened in relation to the drug trade, if in Medellin, I recommend a Comuna 13 tour. Comuna 13 was considered one of the most dangerous residential areas in the world in the 80s and 90s, with a prime location to a port that enabled trafficking of drugs out of Medellin. It was prime land. It has now gone through a gentrification exercise and is an interesting place to get an insight into how things were and some of the work being done by locals and governments in rebuilding in this community. Now with the elephant out of the way…Colombia has a lot to offer. 

With people of Colombia having Indian, African and European origins, there is a rich cultural mix represented in the country’s food, music, dance and art. The food is delicious and has reflections of the influences of the different people of Colombia. People are quite open and happy to share more about their culture and their history, when approached with neutrality. I took a trip to a market in Medellin, and was recommended to have a fish and plantain soup that I still have dreams about. Salsa nights are rife across the city, amongst other parties to relax and enjoy oneself.

Colombia is the third largest coffee producing country in the world after Brazil and Vietnam. Its speciality coffee carries bold flavours that leave coffee lovers wanting more. It’s a great destination for coffee tastings and for plantation tours which have gained popularity in recent years. I am not a big coffee drinker but I was converted by the Colombian Coffee. They do coffee, and they do it well. Due to its location, the tropical fruits in Colombia are also plentiful and so sweet. There is now quite a big digital nomad community in Medellin and therefore there are areas where one can get western luxuries with a Colombian twist and also many English speakers (if that’s your vibe).

Finally, Cano Cristales, aka the River of Five Colours or Liquid Rainbow, is yet another site that should be on your Colombian bucket list. The water is a burst of red, orange, yellow, blue and green hues formed by the water’s constant interaction with the surrounding plants and algae in Columbian province of Meta. Hike opportunities are plentiful as it is quite a mountainous country and views from the top are definitely well worth it!








Por favor

Thank you


How much?


Do you speak English?

VHabla usted ingles?

Where is the toilet?

Donde esta el inodoro

May I please have some water?

Puedo por favour tomar un poco de agua?

I would like some food please

Quisiera algo de comida por favor?

Where can I get a taxi?

Donde puedo conseguir un taxi?

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