Montenegro is a country in the Balkans with rugged mountains and beautiful golden beaches along its Adriatic coastline.

Capital City:




Total population:

619k (2021)

Language(s) spoken:

Montenegrin, Albanian, Bosnian, Croation, Serbian

Cultural dos:

Take it easy – no pressure – no rush

Cultural don’ts:

Do not dress in revealing clothing when visiting religious buildings



Top three foods to try in this country:

  • Buzara (for seafood dish e.g. prawn, shrimp, clams or squid)
  • Crni Rizot (black risotto)
  • Burek (mincemeat or cheese-filled pastry)
  • Montenegran cheeses
  • Octopus salad

What the country is known for :

  • UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Bay of Kotor
  • Kotor Old Town
  • Pristine beaches and the Adriatic coastline
  • The natural beauty and diversity
  • One of the newest countries 
  • Waterfalls and Blue caves 
  • Church on the rock

More About Montenegro

This is one the world’s newest countries. They became independent in 2006. I visited Kotor, Montenegro as a day trip in 2022. I was drawn to this country by pictures of the Bay of Kotor and also the number of articles I’d read about how this country was becoming more popular with digital nomads due to the living conditions and beautiful landscapes. 

Montenegro is absolutely packed with activity, in spite of its size. It has the highest percentage of land area per square metre that is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, such as the Natural and Cultural Region of Kotor, the Dumitor National Park and the Stecci Medieval Tombstone Graveyards. In addition to that, the country boasts of so much natural beauty, including forests, mountains, bays, pristine beaches off the clear turquoise sea, as well as a numerous number of lakes – providing nature lovers an array of biodiversity to explore and enjoy. 

The drive from the Croatian border up to the Bay of Kotor is breathtaking. I was grateful that I did not have to drive because the views would have been too distracting and dangerous, as the road is kind of on a cliff. The Bay of Kotor is known as the ‘jewel of the Montenegrin crown’. It has gorgeous islands and landmarks around it, and one can get beautiful aerial views of the bay from going up the city walls up towards St John’s Fortress. There are a lot of cats in Kotor Old Town, which were introduced over a century ago to protect the town from mice and rats and now are fed and protected by the locals.

Montenegrin history and culture is rich and interesting. It can be further explored through visiting the museums and cultural landmarks around the country. An interesting fact about Montenegro is that it was never conquered during the Ottoman Empire, as the local tribes lured the Turks into the mountains and let them starve to death. Ingenious war tactic.

People of Montenegro are generally friendly and very hospitable. They like to be able to share what they have or what they know to make sure that guests feel welcome. If they do not know, they will try and point you out to someone who will. . They like to enjoy themselves and seem quite relaxed and want to enjoy life fully.

Montenegrin cuisine generally divided into three regional styles: the mountains, the heartland and the coast. The food culture is influenced by Turkish, Austrian, Hungarian and Italian cuisine. They have taken the best bits of each of those resulting in some good seasonal fish and seafood, risottos, cheese and dried meats. The proximity to the sea and the numerous lakes gives access to seafood, and they have learnt how to serve it best. The food is delicious and the portion sizes are quite generous.








Molim vas

Thank you


How much?

Koliko Je?

Do you speak English?

Da li govorite engleski?

Where is the toilet?

Gdje je toalet?

May I please have some water?

Mogu li dobiti malo vode?

I would like some food please

Želio bih hranu, molim te

Where can I get a taxi?

Odakle mi taksi?

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