Singapore is an island country and city-state in maritime Southeast Asia.  It has one of the highest population densities in the world, however the urban planning has ensured incorporation of various green spaces and recreational spaces. 

Capital City:



Singapore Dollar

Total population:

5.45 million (2021)

Language(s) spoken:

English, Tamil, Singaporean Mandarin, Malay

Cultural dos:

Dress appropriately if visiting religious buildings or ceremonies

Cultural don’ts

Do not litter or jaywalk



Three foods you need to try in this country:

  • Hiananese chicken rice
  • Laksa 
  • Nasi Lemak


  • Fish head curry
  • Milo Dinosaur
  • Sugarcane Juice with lime
  • Singapore sling

What the country is known for :

  • Sentosa Island 
  • Global Financial Center
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Greenery amidst the city
  • Shopping malls 
  • Hawkers Markets
  • Marina Bay Sands and the highest infinity pool

More About Singapore:

Not sure if you have also heard about how Singapore and Zambia both got their independence from the British, at about the same time, 1965. The two countries have been compared in numerous case studies in relation to economic development post independence. All the information I had heard about Singapore increased my curiosity and in 2023, I decided to stopover for a few days to see and experience it for myself. The country is reputed for its economic stability and focus on clinical level cleanliness and order around the country. One is not allowed to chew gum, smoke or litter in public spaces.

I had stopped over in Singapore a few times in the past. This is one of the most beautiful airports, and therefore I was excited to see what the rest of the country would have in store. I was not disappointed. The country has so much to offer for all visitor types. People predominantly visit Singapore for luxury and shopping. However, they have various facilities to make it an attractive destination for many travellers, provided one has a relatively deeper pocket than would be required in other parts of South East Asia. One can visit Sentosa Island for a variety of entertainment options such as the Universal Studio, the Aquarium, Madame Tussauds as well as many options on other activities such as hiking, swimming, and bungee jumping. For a man made island, Sentosa has everything you could want. There is also a free shuttle service that can get you from one side of the island to the other. 

A visit to Marina Bay Sands Hotel is highly recommended for a view of not only the city skyline, but also the harbour and Gardens by the Bay (from the top). The city has done an amazing job of incorporating elements of nature around the city. 

The cultural make-up of Singaporeans is very varied due to its history, with its citizens being of historically Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and British descent. In addition, due to its position as a financial hub in Asia, it has also attracted expats from various countries across the world. The diversity is reflected in the architecture and the food offerings across the country. One can visit the Chinese Quarter, Indian Quarter and Arab Quarter, to have local foods or to get a better understanding of each of those cultural groups. 

Singapore is known to be on the more expensive countries to visit, however, the hawkers markets scattered around the city offer an incredible spread of amazing food that can be found at more reasonable prices. There are even some hawkers markets that have been awarded Michelin star status, and I don’t disagree with the panel (some of these can be found at Gardens by the Bay)It is difficult to say what typical Singaporean food is, as I believe that their offerings have been significantly influenced by the different cultures around it. I highly recommend an open mind and a hungry stomach, as there are lots of things to try. Would even go as far as recommending Singapore due to the diversity of good quality Asian cuisines from different countries.

English Malay
Hello Hello
Goodbye Selemat tinggal
Please Tolonglah
Thank you Terima kasih
How much? Berapa banyak?
Do you speak English? Adakah anda bercakap bahasa Inggeris?
Where is the toilet? Dimanakah tandas?
May I please have some water? Boleh saya minta air?
May I please have some food please Saya nak makanan tolong
Where can I get a taxi? Di mana saya boleh mendapatkan teksi?

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