Travel applications for smoother journeys

Traveling is an incredible experience, and with the help of technology, we have access to numerous travel applications that can enhance the adventures. These apps can assist in organising travel plans, finding accommodation, navigating new destinations, and more. In this blog post, I will share a collection of indispensable travel applications that have proven invaluable during my own journeys. Discover these essential tools and make your travel experiences even more enjoyable and stress-free.

Getting There

Flights: Skyscanner, Kayak, American Express Travel

When it comes to finding the best flight deals, these three applications are top contenders. Skyscanner and Kayak compare flight costs from various travel agents and airlines, while American Express Travel offers competitive prices and offers rewards loyal users. With these apps, you can easily search and compare flights to find the most economical options for your journey. I know the right thing to do would be to stick to a specific group of airlines to build loyalty, however I still am currently still loyal to the most economic flight

Where to stay


I enjoy staying at unique properties, as much as possible, provided they are within the budget. Generally, when travelling solo, I prefer accommodation with a kitchen/fridge and for safety reasons, I lean more towards hotel apartments and therefore I would search on one of the following sites, as they enable you to filter accommodation based on your preferences: – online travel agency offering a wide variety of accommodation options for different budget and travel occasions – online travel agency offering easy access to a wide choice of luxury and budget hotels, apartments, homes, and villas to suit all budgets and travel occasions.

For group trips, I am more likely to also look at

Getting Around


In order to get around different cities/towns without internet access, downloading a local map from either of the following applications makes a massive difference:

Maps.Me – provides offline maps using OpenStreetMap data

Citymapper – displays transport options, usually with live timing, between any two locations in a supported city. It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, including walking, cycling and driving, in addition to public transport.

Google Maps – offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bike, air and public transportation. Discover nearby attractions, restaurants, and landmarks, and even save maps offline to access them when you’re offline or have limited internet connectivity

Transport: Grab, Bolt, Uber

Generally, if not using local public transport, the above applications are handy for quick rides, provided they work in the country. At times, I may have to download a local application but these seem to work in quite a few places. Uber and Grab are also quite useful as they do food deliveries in various locations.


Google Translate is a game changer when travelling to countries where English is not spoken widely. This application not only enables you to type what you want to say and get a translation, you can also use audio or scan images. The image scanning comes in very handy when you go shopping as well.

What to do

Money Related:

I was a slow adopter but after losing my bank card in Croatia, I found ApplePay to be quite a useful tool to connect your bank card and use for contactless or online payments.  If you have an android phone, GooglePay also does the same thing.

XE Currency Converter – this  is useful for doing quick conversions whenever you want to confirm pricing or haggling at a market. The application provides accurate and up-to-date exchange rates.

Activities and Tours: Viator, Get Your Guide, Airbnb Experiences, Guru Walk,

I generally prefer to book my activities directly with the provider, in country, as it means that the majority of the money goes to them, however this is not always easy/simple. Alternatively, I may book experiences with the applications above. These apps provide a wide range of options to explore and discover your destination’s unique attractions, cultural experiences, and adventures. They include guided tours, immersive activities, and more to create memorable moments during a trip. Get Your Guide and Airbnb Experiences are generally more local and bespoke. Guru Walk offers free walking tours where a local will take you around the city and talk you through the history or culture of the local area. They will share information to give you a better context of the area and will answer many of the questions you may have. They can even recommend places to eat, or visit. At the end of the tour, you give the guide a tip that aligns with what you think the value of the tour is.

Bonus App:

Although I have not personally used it, TripIt has been highly recommended by other travellers for organising my travel plans. It consolidates all your bookings, such as flights, accommodation, car rentals, and activities, into a single itinerary. Simply forward your confirmation emails, and TripIt automatically creates a comprehensive travel plan. It also offers real-time flight alerts, directions, and weather updates.

These essential travel applications will significantly, ensure that your travel experiences are more organised, immersive, and enjoyable. From planning your itineraries to navigating unfamiliar streets and embracing local culture, these apps will be your trusted companions throughout your journey. Embrace the convenience and possibilities that technology offers, and let these travel apps enhance your wanderlust-filled adventures. Happy travels!

What other useful applications do you use for your travels? Share your recommendations in the comments below!


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